BNS-2 series Single Stage, End Suction Norm Centrifugal pumps



• Raw Water Supply

• Drinking water supply

• Industrial Applications

• Irrigation

 Hot water Circulation

• Sea Water

• Cold Water Circulation

• Pool Water

• Condense Systems

• Fire Fighting Systems

• Process water supply in the field: Pulp/paper, Steel, Food, Sugar Industry

• Chemical Industry

• Bioethanol

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Size: DN32~500mm (inlet)/ DN20~450mm (outlet)

Speed: 2900rpm;1450rpm;980rpm

Max Capacity: 2-3500m3/h

Max Head: 2~250m

Max Speed:3500rpm (Diameter of impeller will be reduced )

Max Working Temperature: -30~350°C

Working Pressure: Generally it is 1.6Mpa, It can rise to 2.4Mpa

if material is Nodular cast or Cast Steel .

Application Std:ISO 5199 std

Material: 304/316/316L/2205/2507/TA2/HASTELLOY/Monel
We have been OEM for many brands from Europe
We can make pumps with the bearing housing as your own design.




1. Pump casing is made of investment casing, the tolerance for corrosion is higher than 3mm.Twin channel are used for several models.
2. The replacable wearing ring wil be used for liquid of various chemical or solid.
3. Enclosed impeller or semi-open impeller will be used, (Investment moulding)
4. The mounted support can be changed to Centerline design.
5. The big size of seal chamber is suitable for Various type of API 682 Flushing Plan.
6. Heavy duty bearing housing can adopt the grease/oil lubrication. For oil lubrication, there are oil cup and indicator.
7. Heavy duty bearing, SKF ball bearing as std, the Thrust bearing and roller bearing can be used for heavy duty application.
8. The enlarged type of shaft will make sure the L3/D4 ratio is optimatic, the deflection of shaft seal is less than 0.05mm
9. If the temperature of liquid is higher than 150 ℃, the cooling water can be used to cool down the bearing housing.

item name item name item name
1 pump casing 7 bearing cover 14 support
2 impeller nut 8 deep groove bearing 15 bearing cooling device
3 impeller 9 bearing housing 16 oil indicator
4 casing cover 10 vacuum valve 17 water slinger
5 mechanical seal 11 shaft 18 O-ring
5B double mechanical seal 12 Thrust bearing/roller bearing 19 drainage plug
6 seal cover 13 oil seal 20 Flange

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