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Bekenflo VFP series Fish Handling Systems is poised to lead the way, shaping the future of fish handling worldwide. Explore our comprehensive solutions and embark on a journey towards elevated aquaculture practices.

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· Power range: 3 kW to 200kW
· Single and double tank configuration
· Vessel volume 100 - 6000 Liter
· Capacity: 20 m3/h - 1000m3/h
· Fish size up to 15kG.
· Total lift up to 15M
· Long distance pumping
· On-shore as well as submerged pumping lines.
· Absolute constant and steady flow in pumping lines.

For Example: VFP 500

VFP 500 liter stainless steel tank with 8” in- and outlet with non-return flap valve, with DN 200 mm flanges. Inclusive lower and upper level sensor for automatic filling and emptying. Vacuum compressor unit 7,5 kW-50 Hz with liquid ring pump inclusive acid resistant shaft and impeller. PLC control Box with full PLC, touch screen with changeable language. Flow-watch for supply water with automatic shut down by cooling supply water failure. Stand By valve for temporary stop of system. Closed hydraulic power pack for operating all valves. Prepared for remote control of Vacuum System Power supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz. Water supply: 10 l/min, 2 bar.
Max. Suction height: 3 m. Max. Pressure height: 5.5 m.
Water Separator
Water Separator for VFP 500 system in stainless steel. Outlet height approx. 1750 mm. 8” inlet with quick coupling. Water outlet 6” with flanges and hose connection incl. outlet shute.
Suction and discharge arrangement
Consisting of: 30 m suction / discharge hose 6”. Quick couplings for inlet and outlet of tank. Suction nose for fish hold tank 8” with hose connection. Hose clips 8”. Remote Control Wireless Remote Control with 4 channels/buttons (433,92 MHz) • Start • Stop • Stand By • (open channel) The system includes hand unit, receiver and antenna to be mounted in control box. The system is IP65. Spare parts package Fork sensor for vacuum tank. Suitable for both upper and lower sensor. 8” flapper valve suitable for both inlet and outlet of vacuum tank. Electro magnetic hudraulic valve for hydraulic power pack on power unit. Floatin ball for vacuum pump safety, connection from power unit to vacuum tank. PLC output auxillary relay for short circuit protection of PLC output.


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